• Image of Decadent Body Butter Bar Enriched With Magnesium | Luxe Collection | 80gm

This decadently luxe body moisturising bar is soothing, rejuvenating and nourishing. Precious and beautiful essential oils of Western Australian Sandalwood and Neroli assist with uplifting and soothing the emotions.

Handmade and enriched with magnesium oil, it may assist with magnesium deficiency, muscular cramps & relaxation.

Only pure, natural & organic ingredients have been used to create this gorgeous bar including cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, castor oil and natural vitamin E to nourish, protect and moisturise, as well as olive oil infused with calendula and chamomile to soothe and repair.

Apply daily after bathing to the entire body, avoiding sensitive areas & massage into the skin. Perfect to use in place of a fragrance or perfume.

- Contains over 77% organic ingredients
- Preservative free
- Not suitable for use during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

"If you have sensitive skin like me, the words ‘thick’, ‘luxuriously rich’, and ‘creamy’, may have been deleted from your skincare vocabulary. Well now you can add them back in! This is the body butter that you thought would never exist. I lather it on every day after using Nectar Botanicals soaps in the shower, and my skin has never looked or felt this good. Give it a go, and watch your sensitive skin go from dehydrated to dewy instantly! Summer is just around the corner, so do yourself a favour and get summer-ready-skin with this little baby. I’ll never use anything else, and I’ll be asking to buy the recipe if it ever goes off the market!" - Kathryn, Bendigo